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  The Parish Council  
   What area does it cover?  
The Parish covers the village of Grassmoor and also the areas of Winsick and Hasland.

The area covered by this Parish when combined with the area covered by the Parish of Temple Normanton forms Grassmoor district electoral ward.

The Parish is part of Sutton county electoral division.
   What does the Parish Council do?  
  The Parish Council is the third tier of local government, after the County Council and the District Council. It carries out various activities for the benefit of the residents of the Parish, some of these are listed below:  
  • Works in partnership with Grassmoor Community Centre Management Committee to provide facilities and activities for residents of the Parish
  • Providing and maintaining recreational facilities at Barnes Park and Winsick Park
  • Employs a street cleaner - for details click here
  • Operates a Pensioner TV Licence Subsidy Scheme - for details click here
  • Provides allotments at Gill Lane and Mill Lane
  • Provides and maintains bus shelters
  • Provides litter bins and dog bins
  • Provides public seating
  • Provides hanging baskets
  • Supports the annual Grassmoor Carnival organised by Grassmoor Events Committee
  • Makes grants to local organisations
  • Organises an annual Remembrance Sunday Service
  • Funds the provision of some street lighting
  • Funds the maintenance and upkeep of Hasland Cemetery
  • Considers all planning applications relating to the parish, and makes comments as appropriate to the Planning Authorities
  • Works in partnership with the local Police and North East Derbyshire District Council on Community Safety and crime prevention
  • Works in partnership with the County and District Councils for the benefit of the Parish
  • Is a consultee on proposals from local and central government
 Quick guide to Local Government services
For information and help on the following services, contact the appropriate authority as detailed below
Service Authority   Service Authority
Allotments GPC   Planning Permission NEDDC
Building regulations NEDDC   Public Footpaths DCC
Bus Shelters DCC/GPC   Recreation / Parks GPC/NEDDC
CCTV GPC   Refuse Collection NEDDC
Council Tax Collection NEDDC   Registration - Births/Deaths/Marriages DCC
Consumer Advice DCC   Register of Electors NEDDC
Dog Wardens NEDDC   Remembrance Sunday Service GPC
Education DCC   Social Services DCC
Environmental Health NEDDC   Street Cleaning NEDDC/GPC
Housing NEDDC   Street Lighting DCC
Libraries DCC   War Memorials GPC
Key: GPC - Grassmoor Parish Council, NEDDC - North East Derbyshire District Council, DCC - Derbyshire County Council
   How are Parish Council services funded?  
  The Parish Council raises the funds to undertake the services and facilities it provides through what is known as the precept. This is charged to residents through the council tax which is collected by the District Council. The precept is set at the December meeting of the Parish Council for the forthcoming financial year. For the financial year 2009/2010 the Parish Council's precept is £98,325, for 2008/2009 it was £95,000.

To see the Council's accounts for the last financial year, click here. Previous years accounts can be obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk.
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