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Parish Plan
  The Parish Plan Steering Group under the Chairmanship of Rob Whitehead has completed the Parish Plan. A copy of the Plan can be viewed here. Alternatively a copy can be obtained from the Parish Clerk whom you should also contact if you want to know more about the Plan.

The Plan has been put together following consultations with the local community, voluntary groups and other interested parties. It covers most aspects of local life. The report has been divided in to 6 key themes covering:

· Local Facilities
· Local Activities
· Highways Issues
· Sports Facilities
· Crime, Nuisance and Disorder
· Environmental Issues

The Report makes 35 recommendations which are designed to improve life for residents of the Parish. Some can be relatively easily achieved. Others will require close working with partners and detailed funding applications to be submitted. Some will be sorted and agreed quickly, others however, will be longer-term complex projects which may involve detailed discussions and further consultation. Given the current financial climate, some projects may never get off the ground. It is important however, that efforts are at least made to try to bring them to fruition.

The recommendations have been pulled together in to an action plan which forms part of the report. The Steering Group will monitor progress against the implementation of the recommendations. It is important to note that the Plan is a “living” dynamic document which will be updated and amended as time progresses. Recommendations can be taken off or new ones added in. There will be opportunities for the local community to help shape the Plan in the future by participating in future consultations on what you want to see happen in the Parish. The Website and future editions of the Newsletter will keep you updated on the Plan’s progress.

Download the 2011 Grassmoor Parish Plan Click here to download the Grassmoor Parish Plan 2011
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