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  Management Committee  
The Management Committee is responsible for managing the Grassmoor Community Centre on behalf of the local community.

There are currently 10 members on the Management Committee, 4 Parish Council representatives and 6 user group/co-opted representatives.
 Management committee - secretary
  Mr Roy Ackrill
Manor Cottage
114 The Green
S41 0JU

Telephone: 01246 461095
Email: Click here to email the Management Committee Secretary
 Management committee - members
  The contact details for the members of the Management Committee are given in the table below:  
Member Address Telephone Email
Mrs PJ Hemsley 211 North Wingfield Road, Grassmoor 01246 851385 -
Mrs I Teather 01246 855057 -
Mr IF Barlow 4 Oak Road, Grassmoor 01246 854050 -
Mrs J Bedford 7 Vernon Rise, Grassmoor - -
Mrs A Browne 2 Durham Avenue, Grassmoor 01246 857188 -
Mr E Grant 1 Gill Lane, Grassmoor 01246 850419 -
Mrs L Thomas 95 North Wingfield Road, Grassmoor 01246 857787 -
Mrs D Jones 9 Norwood Close, Hasland - -
 Management committee - meetings
  The Management Committee meets on an irregular basis. Dates for planned meetings will be listed here.  
 Management committee - policies
  The Management Committee has adopted the following policies:

Equal Opportunities Policy


The statement of intent sets out the Management Committee’s commitment to combat direct and indirect discrimination in respect of the employees, it’s volunteers and users of the Centre. Where discrimination exists within our organisation or organisations with whom we work, it directly opposes our primary function to provide a central resource for the whole community.

The Management Committee recognises that everyone has a contribution to make to our society and a right to equal treatment. We aim to ensure that no job applicant, staff member, volunteer or organisation/individual to whom we provide services will be discriminated against on the grounds of:

· race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin
· gender, marital status or caring responsibility
· sexuality
· age
· physical or mental disability or mental health
· political belief or religion
· class
· HIV status
· employment status
· unrelated criminal conviction

We aim to ensure that all employees, volunteers and users of the Centre are not discriminated against. Where discrimination does occur Centre staff commit themselves to taking positive action against discrimination. The Management Committee will offer advice and support to users of the Centre to address and promote equal opportunities issues.

We do not believe that one form of discrimination can be graded as more or less damaging than another and we oppose any scale of hierarchy or discrimination.

Environmental Policy


This centre will seek to improve practices which have a negative environmental impact in order to reduce damage and promote sustainable development.

In everything we do, the Management Committee will seek to:

· Reduce energy and water use and improve energy efficiency
· Promote the conservation and more sustainable use of both renewable and non renewable resources
· Minimise and, wherever possible, eliminate the release of pollutants
· Protect, conserve and enhance both the natural and built environments
· Minimise waste by reducing, reusing, recovering and recycling resources and disposing of wastes safely, responsibly and by the best environmental option
· Ensure all other policies comply with the Environmental Policy
· Raise Centre staff and user awareness, educate and train employees, and provide information on environmental policies, practices and issues
· Encourage all employees, volunteers and users of the Centre to travel by sustainable modes of transport, reducing car use
· Purchase services and resources which have the best environmental impact.

Volunteer Policy

Further details of this policy will be published at a later date once they have been finalised.


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